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  • RISO Printers - Rethink Inkjet.

    ​Experience the difference with the Riso line of ComColor FW Series ultra-fast compact printers that really deliver.

    High Productivity for Any Workplace

    Print speeds at 120 pages per minute in full color, duplex scanning and a rich feature set in a slimmer footprint.

    Superb Efficiency for High Volume Printing

    High quality output combines with outstanding flexibility for cost-efficient in-house printing.

    Excellent Usability for Every Work Environment

    Easy to use intuitive interface and simplified management and maintenance tasks ensure speedy workflows and reduced downtime.

    RISO Digital Duplicators

    ​The RISO digital duplicator prints on a much broader range of media at speeds that cannot be matched by common office technology. The RISO digital duplicator (previously called the Risograph) is specifically designed to bridge the gap between copier and offset systems by handling run lengths that are too long for copiers or laser printers and too short for offset printers.

    The RISO digital duplicator allows organizations to bring many outsourced print jobs in house for maximum control and cost containment resulting in economical, on-demand printing. And digital duplicators can handle print jobs ranging from everyday documents and business communications to more specialized applications like forms-on-demand, business cards, labels, and even paper bags.

    Some call this product a digital press – some call it a digital printer. Some long-timers still call it a Risograph. One thing for sure is that this product saves time and money!

  • RISO’s ComColor X1 Series of full-color inkjet printers combines ultra high-speed printing with advanced features, low running costs, and increased productivity and reliability.


    The ComColor X1 Series includes the world’s fastest cut-sheet inkjet printer at speeds up to 150ppm, producing a 1,000-page document in as little as 7 minutes.


    X1s are extremely cost efficient, offering an incredibly low cost per page for both black and white and full color. Compact footprint, no special power requirements, and very low energy consumption result in a rich feature set and an extraordinarily low cost of ownership.


    RISO’s proprietary ForceJet™ technology offers heatless imaging resulting in outstanding performance. Minimal moving parts and impeccable engineering can handle the demanding needs of high production environments.


    The new RISO ComColor X1 Series brings power consumption to an all-time low by introducing automatic power shutoff. In addition, standby and sleep modes consume much less power than previous models. Heatless imaging process results in enormous power savings, even when printing at high speeds. ComColor X1 Series printers are exceptionally green and ENERGY STAR® Certified.


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